The values of the TDTF are represented by Deliverance, Development, and Diversification (3D’s):

  • Development
    To develop innovative, scientifically sound, and community-specific educational and research programs directed towards men, women, and chil-dren in affected areas as well as to educate our-selves, our partners, and the public regarding the importance and impact of tropical diseases.
  • Deliverance
    To deliver best standards of commitments to populations in tropical areas relating to increased awareness of health education programs and in-creased effectiveness of treatment and research of tropical diseases. We will accomplish this by maximizing internal and external resources.
  • Diversification
    To promote diversity of the Task Force and its sponsors by recruiting and communicating with people from diverse political, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds within affected communities and among the public health and funding community. We will ensure that our efforts of eliminating tropical diseases are ethically and professionally sound with the ultimate goal of empowering people in tropical areas to independently develop and maintain tropical disease eradication and reduction programs.